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Genji Korean restaurant on Dietla Street in Kraków. 
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Genji Korean restaurant on Dietla Street in Kraków.

"While virtually unheard of in Kraków a few years ago, Genji is the latest in a line of raw fish flayers to come to town, and the high quality food (prepared by real live Japanese sushi chefs!) makes an instant argument for itself as the cream of the local crop. An upstairs sushi bar leads to an intimate brick downstairs dining area where each table occupies its own room. Taking itself a bit too seriously to explain some of the kitschy decor touches, the extensive menu of Korean and Japanese dishes and expensive sushi sets also includes condescending directions on how to eat your food. However all is forgiven when it arrives, with eyebrow-raising prices justified by the spot-on results. Premium indeed." (Kraków in Your Pocket, June-July 2010).
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