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Grodno Castle in Zagórze Śląskie. 
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Grodno Castle in Zagórze Śląskie.

In a dungeon near the entrance to the upper parts of the castle there is a skeleton. Its legendary history is told in broken English by a plaque hanging on the wall:

"It was a long time ago. The castle was ruled by the prince who had a young beautifull daughter. Her name was Margharett. The wish of prince was to marry of young princess. Plenty of youths and knight tried to get a hand of duchess, but no one could achieve it. The years have gone and Margharett was older. One day the prince of neighbour's castle asked for a girl's hand. He was an old, ugly man, but father agreed to the prince's proposition. The princess was desperate. Shortly after took place a wedding. Margharett wasn't reconciled to father's decission. One day she went with her husband for a walk. During the walking she pushed the prince down from the top of a rock. The prince was killed. Unfortunatelly in the same time Margharett's father was standing on the castle's tower and saw what young duchess did. As punishment the princess was closed in the dark, cold cell. The prince forbid giving her a food and a drink and sentenced Margharett to death. The weeks have gone and the duchess was alive. It's appeard she had a faithful Page who climbed on the castle's wall and gave her a food. When the prince found out the treason he ordered to behead Page and located a head in the Margharett's cell...".

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