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The popular Manfaktura shopping centre, opened in Łódź in 2006. 
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The popular Manfaktura shopping centre, opened in Łódź in 2006.

"The new astonishing place has been built in Lodz - Manufaktura. Old postindustrial buildings, so typical of this city, unattractive until now, came back to life again...
The area at the intersection of Zachodnia and Ogrodowa streets was the heart of the city once. Izrael Poznanski established one of the biggest textile factories of XIX century Europe. He built a beautiful residence right beside his property. This factory campus, a true architectonical treasure, has become a city within the city. Poznanski supplied energy from his own power plant and brought to life his own railroad station and fire department. There were workers' houses and school nearby the factory complex. In the XX century, Poznanski's empire went through through many changes to finally cease the production in 1997.
Fortunately, the factory has not been left alone for a long time. In 1999 the Apsys Groupe company began to refurbish the whole area. The buildings, not protected by the history preservation laws, have been demolished so that we can now admire the original structure of Poznanski's empire. Apart from bringing the factory to its early shape, the Apsys Groupe adopted it to meet new purposes.
Thus, we have achieved our primary goal - mixing the old and the new. We have created the new look that combines old industrial architecture with the modern design - the symbol of the factory's new destiny." (Self-promotional text from
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